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I want everyone to know what kind of person you could work with.
That said, my experience with Leonardo is amazing! My statistical analysis that was needed for my dissertation was out of the ordinary. Not to say that your dissertation is not as complex or detailed as mine, but what I had to do was so detailed, long-lasting, and some of my committee members think that there are actually two or three dissertations in one. When I first asked Leonardo to look at his chapters and see if he could work with something like what I had to do, he said that. 
So I tell you, if you need help in your dissertation, he's going to the guy! It's not just for t-tests, ANOVA, but for complex statistical analysis. And trust me, you want it because you never know if your statistical data will have to change due to the requirement of basic assumptions. He makes adjustments and justifies your committee to see it. I want you the best with your dissertation and if you read this, that's because you need help. I recommend him 110% :)

Jacquelyn S.

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