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Deciding to hire a statistical consultant like Leonardo Miljko can be a wise investment to increase the success of your project. But what about the costs? How Much Should You Spend on Professional Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis?
Leonardo Miljko uses an hourly rate to ensure you only pay for the services actually rendered. If the project completes faster than expected, don't overpay. On the other hand, Leonardo Miljko is not underpaid in case it takes a little longer than planned.
After Leonardo Miljko has everything he needs to understand your project, he creates an offer based on his hourly rate and sends it to you for consideration. If you would like a detailed list of his time schedule in advance, he will be happy to provide it to you.
Leonardo Miljko also offers a free initial consultation via email. If you are unsure whether statistical consulting and data analysis is right for you or what the costs might be, do not hesitate to contact him.
Invest in professional statistical consulting and data analysis with Leonardo Miljko and get prices that make sense for you.
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Find out more about the pricing of Leonardo Miljko's statistical consulting and data analysis. Use its professional services and get prices that make sense for you. Contact him via email for a free initial consultation. 
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