Qualitative research
Qualitative research is an important part of social science research. The aim here is to understand and describe complex phenomena and processes. The methods of qualitative research are diverse and range from expert interviews to content analysis.
Qualitative research methods are becoming increasingly popular in the social sciences and humanities. In particular, expert interviews and content analysis are often used to answer research questions. However, evaluating this data can be very time-consuming and complex. We are happy to support you with this. With our many years of experience in qualitative data analysis, we can help you to interpret your data and present your research results in an understandable way.
The nVivo software can be used to effectively analyze qualitative research data. With the help of this software, complex data structures can be systematically organized and analyzed. The team at Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko supports researchers in conducting and evaluating qualitative research. We offer you comprehensive advice and training in the use of nVivo and the analysis of your data.
Our team of experts has many years of experience in qualitative research and the application of nVivo. We support you in developing your research question and your methodology as well as in conducting your study. In addition, we offer you a well-founded evaluation of your data and an interpretation of your results.
Feel free to contact us for individual advice and a non-binding offer.
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Expert interviews: A scientific method on the rise

Expert interviews: A scientific method on the rise
In recent years, expert interviews have become increasingly important as a scientific research method. They are increasingly used in bachelor, master and doctoral theses in particular. Students have to consider a few things when conducting expert interviews. From the careful selection of the appropriate experts to the design of the interview guide and the transcription and evaluation, there are a large number of specifications and recommendations that must be taken into account.

Content analysis (according to Mayring or according to Kuckartz)

Content analysis (according to Mayring or according to Kuckartz)
The qualitative content analysis according to Mayring or Kuckartz and applications of grounded theory methodology are enjoying increasing popularity in various branches of science. Qualitative research makes it possible to examine and understand phenomena in more detail that have so far been little explored. Qualitative research often relies on closer contact between researchers and people who are closely associated with the research object.


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